We, Soar Art Workshop, sculptor and prototype maker, was founded in Hong Kong 2001. We specialized in prototype fabrication, sculpting and product development. We set up workshop in ShengZhen, China, nand employed over 100 employees.

Moreover, we have equipped with a variety of Hi-Tech hardware/software: FreeForm and ZBrush for digital sculpting, Pro-Engineering / Solidwork / UG for product engineering, compatible with our RP machines: 3D SystemThermojet, Envisiontec Perfactory and CNC. These advancedtechnologies are not only providing an accurate way for prototype fabrication but they are also shortening the development lead-time.


Soar Art provide engineering support on product development stage. You can have a prototype which is fully tool-able, manufacture-able, meeting with QA/QC issue and international standards. In the mean time, production planning can be estimated more easily and accurately.

Our experience and profession will enable to offer expert services, provide high quality commitment. With your ideas and drawings, we will make your creation come true. Our engineers and prototype technicians are always at your service.



Soar Art set up the CAD and CAE division for more than 10 years. We are familiar on the most commonly use 3D drawing and sculpting software and print out with precision equiremwnt. A laser scanner also installed for the reverse engineering process.



Soar Art set up the intellectual Property Security System and have to review it every year. We treat all the project and related material in highly confidential, no matter it’s a drawing, a concept or any kinds of computer files, we have a restriction guide to limit their usages. All information will be promptly returned or destroyed once the project is completed. In addition, our workshop is 24hour monitored by CCTV and security guard.